13 Celebs Who Wore Jeans On Magazine Covers

August issues are usually the "denim" issues for fashion mags, featuring celebs wearing jeans (or some form of denim) on the covers. They also are often the thinnest issues, in terms of page count, of the year.

They are also the calm (and casual) before the storm that is the September issue, which is the biggest, fattest issue of the editorial calendar year, where designers advertise and showcase their fall and winter collections in TDF editorial spreads. They even made a movie about the production of Vogue's September issue, so yeah, it's the most important piece of fashion editorial real estate and each mag's ninth month issue is so thick that it probably takes out a forest or two and weighs a metric ton.

But I'm all about denim-driven issues and mag covers. It helps make fashion more accessible, which is not a crime. Cough, Michael Kors, cough. In case you missed it, the designer sounded the death knell for fast fashion.

Katie Holmes was effortlessly casual in jeans on her August 2014 Glamour cover. Now, Nina Dobrev has donned boyfriend jeans with a major, '80s era cuff, for the August issue of Nylon, in which she discusses her avoidance of any negativity in her life.

Clearly, jeans are not just for real life wear, for celebs or for us regular gals. A-list cover girls have worn dungarees, be it short shorts with the inner pocket flap showing or skinnies with neckbreaker pumps, on major publications, dressing them up and styling them in all sorts of unique ways. Not only does it give the reader some inspiration for taking her jeans up a notch, but it also brings celebs down a peg to our level. See, she doesn't just wear jeans to have a calorie fest via one drink while on a Starbucks run.

Additionally, celebs have worn denim on mag covers in other months. The fabric is not reserved soley for August, either. Here are the 13 coolest denim covers from recent issues.

1. Nina Dobrev/Nylon

Dobrev's beauty is off the charts, but she looks like the BFF next door with her light wash boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and white top. While it probably took three stylists and several tools to get that bedhead, it gives off the illusion of effortlessness.

2. Mila Kunis/Glamour

Kunis covered the August 2012 ish of Glamour in her version of a Canadian tux. The slim fit shirt and the fact that it's a wash lighter than her jeans earned her a pass! Plus, the floppy Stevie Nicks hat elevates the overall styling.

3. Cameron Diaz/Marie Claire

This Diaz cover was used for a 2009 issue of Marie Claire and a 2010 issue of the Spanish edition. The All-American, California Gurl (yes, Katy Perry spelling and all) dressed up destroyed denim with layers of silvery bling.

4. Rihanna/Vogue

If Rihanna can wear denim on the cover of Vogue, anyone can wear any sort of denim on any mag cover. The March 2014 issue marked Ri's third time gracing the fashion bible's cover, and her previous turns saw her all dressed up in pricy couture, so it was time for a change. That sheer, beaded top is as glam as it gets, too.

5. Emma Watson/ELLE

Hermione's alter ego has developed into quite a style star. Tucking her button down into her low rise jeans on the April 2014 cover of ELLE made this look like a jumpsuit, but not in the Jenny From the Block circa 2001 way. Leaving the top half unbuttoned, the thick arm cuffs, and the gold belt were chic moves. You know, maybe it is a jumpsuit. That's what makes this ensemble so great!

6. Sarah Jessica Parker/Glamour

Guys, I've gotta repeat myself here. If Sarah Jessica Parker — essentially, Carrie Bradshaw — can wear jeans on the cover of Glamour, anyone can wear denim on the cover of any mag at any time. SJP's Carrie-approved heels and chain metal-like shrug were the perfect accessories for her faded, cuffed dungarees on this 2010 cover.

7. Sienna Miller/Nylon

The ambassador of boho chic, Sienna Miller covered Nylon's August 2009 issue in slate jeans and a leather jacket, illustrating the tougher, more rock 'n' roll side of denim.

8. Heidi Klum/Glamour

The German supermodel's 2011 Glamour cover found her in a medium wash jean, but her megawatt smile and the blingy tank epitomized date night glam. Try it!

9. Victoria Beckham/Glamour

Whoa. Wait. Was this a Photoshop job? It had to be. Some creative photo editors must have had to 'shop jeans onto the body of Posh for this March 2010 issue of Glamour. I can't believe Victoria Beckham owns jeans, much less would wear 'em in public and on a mag cover. The designer, whose eponymous creations are flawless, showed off a side we don't often see: casual, in jeans, and with a puppy necklace. Now only if she cracked a smile. Then the universe would have grinded to a halt.

10. Kelly Clarkson/Lucky

The OG American Idol winner was adorbs in a country-cute outfit on the August 2012 Lucky cover. She made the medium rinse jeans pop with the red and maroon accessories. This look is also so simple to copy. A quick trip to the mall and a couple bucks — less than $100 — should do the trick.

11. Ashley Greene/Nylon

Alice Cullen aka Ashley Greene went dangerously short with cut-offs and a graphic tee for the August 2012 ish of Nylon, but the stylist and art director dressed 'em up with the vintage, structured, and fringy Moschino blazer.

12. Diane Kruger/Glamour

Actress Diane Kruger is another fashion plate who is probably more celebrated for her style than her onscreen work. Still, she donned cuffed, messy jeans shorts on her March 2011 Glamour cover, upping the fashion ante with accessories and prints.

13. Jessica Biel/InStyle

Jessica Biel's ho-hum, nothing-too-fancy jeans got a fashion injection on this August 2012 cover of InStyle. The gold-trimmed blazer and the ankle strap heels embodied the chic, cool, and urban professional vibe.

Images: Glamour/5; Nylon/3; ELLE/1; InStyle/1; Lucky/1; Marie Clarie/1; Vogue/1