'Thor: The Dark World's Trailer, Starring Chris Hemsworth and Lots and Lots of Hair

Good news for Loki fans mourning the fact that Thor's brother will not be in Avengers 2 . Based on this trailer for Thor: The Dark World, Tom Hiddleston's villain will be all over the Chris Hemsworth-starring vehicle, which sees the brothers joining forces to defeat evil in the Nine Realms.

But there's something else far more worth highlighting in the trailer. No, not the fact that the film will undoubtedly deal with the after-effects of The Avengers, with Natalie Portman's Jane Foster slapping Loki with the exclamation, "That was for New York." (That's Marvel's cue for you to purchase Avengers now if you haven't already. How else will you keep up?) And not the special effects, which appear to continue Marvel's tradition of delivering epic action scenes worthy of $1 billion at the box office. Instead, we want to highlight the most impressive part of the Thor: The Dark World trailer: All of the magnificent hair shots.

And, thanks to Hemsworth's mane, there are plenty of them. Watch the trailer for the film, directed by Alan Taylor and headed to theaters Nov. 8, and seriously consider bringing a picture of the golden god to your hairstylist. It just looks that good.

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The first shot of Thor we see in the trailer is of his magnificent braid, setting the tone for a hair-centric movie. Someone's been reading Pinterest!

See? Beautiful!

Clearly, this is hair that requires deep conditioning.

Which dries into perfect, beach-ready waves.

The ladies, like Jaimie Alexander, get in on the fun too.

And Natalie Portman, who gets help from Loki blow-drying her hair.

Another indication that hair should have gotten top-billing? There's more hair than face in this shot.

But, really, it's all about the slo-mo money shots.

But Thor: The Dark World's real twist? There's a ponytail.

Images: Marvel