This App Will Tell You What Your Dreams Mean

by Michelle Regalado
Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Have you ever woken up from a crazy dream and immediately texted your friend to get help deciphering it? I do it probably like once every other week, and I’m pretty sure even my best buds are getting a little sick of debating why that one particular person from my high school suddenly made a cameo, despite that I haven’t seen her in years. Well, lucky for them, there’s now a new app that can do that for me. That’s right… The Dreamsphere app can deciper your dreams, explaining the meaning and identifying reoccurring patterns. Yes, I just tried it and yes, I’m already hooked.

The app, available for free on iTunes, allows users to log their dreams by typing or recording them into the phone. It also has a Dream Dictionary that allows you to choose common dream symbols and occurrences, like water or flying, to add them to your log and figure out their meaning. As you add more to your mobile dream journal, Dreamsphere performs a continual analysis, providing progress reports that highlight how your dreams reflect various factors of your conscious personality, such as anxiety or confidence levels, assertiveness, and more. And if there’s a trend to your dreams, the app will point it out and locate places around the world where similar dreams are taking place — a feature I’m definitely going to try as soon as I’ve built enough of a collection.

Users also have the option of sharing their dreams with specific friends who also have the app, the rest of the Dreamsphere community, or on social media networks (although why anyone would want to share their personal and probably embarrassing unconscious thoughts with all of Facebook or Twitter is beyond me).

Dreamsphere app

In any case, it’s definitely worth checking out for anyone like myself, who thinks most dreams hold some sort of significant meaning. And hey, I have a feeling my friends (and maybe yours!) will be happy to learn they’re getting a probably much-needed break.