5 Life Lessons Sloths Can Teach You

by Emma Cueto

We all need a little life advice sometimes, little bits of wisdom to help us get through hard times. Sometimes we can turn to quotes from inspiring figures, sometimes to the messages found tucked away in books, and when that isn't working, we can appeal to the sloths to tell us what to do. Because if there is one thing the great wonderful feminist Kristen Bell has shown us, it's that sloths are the absolute most wonderful thing in the entire universe. They're so cute!

It's unclear exactly why sloths aren't the Internet's favorite animal by now. I mean, yes cats are cute and we all love Grumpy Cat. And now it looks like goats are becoming a thing, and I'm sure they deserve it after all their hard work. But sloths are so...sloths. They move really slowly. They have cute little faces. They take selfies. What more could the Internet possibly want?

Then again, maybe the sloths are taking a "slow and steady wins the race" approach to this whole thing. Which does seem more their speed. Given enough time, they probably will wind up ruling the Internet after all. Which means we should probably start taking advice from them now. So without further ado, here are five life lessons you can learn from a sloth, brought to us by BuzzFeed.

Image: Fotolia