7 Celebrities With Lashes That Defy Gravity

by Tyler Atwood

Who is the real Justin Theroux? Aside from being the future Mr. Jennifer Aniston, Theroux also happens to be the star of HBO's latest buzz-worthy show The Leftovers. And, as you may recall, Theroux has been seen in a smattering of other popular Hollywood endeavors, from playing ultimate bad-boy Seamus O'Grady in 2003's Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle to Adam Kesher in the enigmatic cult favorite Mulholland Drive. It appears that being Aniston's plus-one is far from Theroux's primary job, which is lucky, considering that he may have the tools to outshine even his lovely fiancee on the red carpet.

If you've watched any of Theroux's film premieres or caught red carpet footage of the actor post-event, you may be familiar with his propensity for looking remarkably dapper. From his perfectly tousled coiff to his slim-cut suits, Theroux knows how to turn out a good look. But what both men and women are really bedeviled by are his luscious eyelashes. Whether a special primer should be credited here, or Theroux has a secret addiction to Latisse, it's almost as if his lashes have a life of their own. In honor of the Leftovers actor's gorgeous fringe, here are seven top Hollywood actresses whose beautiful lashes still don't top Theroux's. Next topic of discussion? Matt Bomer's baby blues.

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Not only does Kunis possess a quick wit, great hair and the heart of Ashton Kutcher, she also won the genetic lottery with a pair of the most voluminous lashes this side of the Atlantic.


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Sure, Megan Fox has a uniquely magnetic pull when it comes to her rabid male fan club, but it's her lush lashes which I covet. Perhaps she has the help of a good lengthening mascara, but nonetheless, Fox's lashes are unparalleled in Hollywood.


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It was her acting prowess and Streisand-esque lungs which propelled Lea Michele from Broadway to starring roles in Hollywood, but her thick veil of lashes certainly didn't hurt her meteoric rise.


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After her breakout role in Slumdog Millionaire, the world learned of Freida Pinto's acting talent. And what better to punctuate meaningful stares and glances packed with subtext than a pair of gorgeous lashes?


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As Ms. Kardashian loves her makeup, airbrushing, and what I'll refer to as cosmetic shortcuts, it may be that underneath the longest lashes on reality there isn't anything but a thin, sparse fringe. Regardless, Kardashian's lashes do appear to defy gravity.


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What would the world be without Kerry Washington's earnest portrayal of the political world's ultimate fix-it expert Olivia Pope? At the very least, Hollywood would be deprived of Washington's moments of world-weary anguish…and one very enviable set of beautiful lashes to remind us that even times of woe can look utterly elegant.


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Liv Tyler and her rocker dad Steven share more than an affinity for stage and screen; namely, lush eyelashes that make every glance a come-hither. Still, Ms. Tyler doesn't beat out her Leftovers co-star for Best Lashes.

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