'Big Brother's' Brittany Is Really Rad Off-Camera, Too — PHOTOS

For those of you who don't tune into Big Brother 's live feed on CBS — or even Big Brother the show when it airs on CBS — you may not recognize the girl above. But, for those of you that do, you know very well: That's 29-year-old Brittany Martinez, event coordinator from Los Angeles and Big Brother 16 spoilers ahead! recently nominated for eviction from the house. Sadface!

While this episode won't air until Sunday, it's a disappointing thought that Brittany could soon be departing from the series so soon — what would the new episodes even be without scenes involving Brittany's uncanny ability to throw massive amounts of shade with a single look?

Anyway: With the thought in mind that Brittany might leave the house soon, here are five things to know about the BB16 cast member before anything possibly happens: Hopefully, if the unthinkable does go down and Brittany's asked to leave, she'll maintain somewhat of a career after — she, after all, is already an active Twitter user with a large follower base, and she seems to be one of the most well-liked cast members in the blogosphere, too. And, you know, if she doesn't leave, then we're all the wiser about who she is as a person! Win/win. That said...

She's perfected the selfie

No, seriously. Is there one selfie of her that doesn't look flawless?

No, there isn't.

She's really into crafts, as indicated by her Pinterest account

Brittany is an active user of social media, and Pinterest is only one of her accounts on major social networks. As she stated in her CBS bio, enjoys "sewing" and "being crafty" as hobbies, and her Pinterest only directly reflects that: Amongst her boards, there's "sewing projects," "Organization," "Fashion," "Party Decor," "Beauty Care," "Fundraiser Ideas," and more.

This shows dedication and creativity, in some ways — dedication because it takes a lot of it to maintain a Pinterest account (personally, I gave up on mine after a day) and creativity because there are a lot of cute ideas here.

She once faked labor to get out of a parking ticket

According to her CBS bio, anyway. This a pretty impressive, really — to be able to convincingly fake labor enough to trick a cop takes major guts, and major acting ability. Clearly, Brittany has some tricks up her sleeve, and those may actually help in making sure she's not eliminated from the house next week.

She's a mother of three, and was married for eight years

Also according to her CBS bio. Truth be told, there actually isn't that much information online about Brittany, so the majority is from what she's said in pre-Big Brother interviews. There don't seem to be any pictures of her kids either (as aformentioned, her Instagram is now private), but, as she told CBS, they're "a very tight knit family."

She's not this woman

If you search "Brittany Martinez" on Google, you'll probably get more results for the Brittany Martinez of Big Brother, considering the show's popularity — but, as BigBrotherAccess points out, you may get one or two results of news stories about a Brittany Martinez who, last year, pleaded guilty to plotting to kill her firefighter husband. This is not the same Brittany Martinez. Do not make this mistake.

Image: CBS, livelovelaugh_repeat/Instagram, britt4skin/Twitter, Yuku, Stockingblue, Imgur