9 '90s Hairdos to Recreate Now

From grungy print-mixing to Calvin Klein-esque minimalism, fashion from the '90s is without a doubt experiencing a huge resurgence as of late. But how could we forget about the hair? The decade was filled with so much mane goodness, just thinking about it makes me want to reach for the Aqua Net. First, there were the hairstyles from the early '90s, which had a lot of carryover from the previous decade. You know, "the higher the hair, the closer to God" kind of 'dos. Up next were the styles of the mid-'90s, which involved a lot of flipped out bobs and middle parts. And then came the late '90s, where buns and highlights presented themselves in all different shapes and sizes.

Some would say that it was an unfortunate timespan for our tresses, but I completely disagree. Sure, there were some misses, but there were tons of hits, too. Because you may have forgotten about all the dreamy 'dos that graced us during this holy decade (it's OK — it's been awhile), I've rounded up nine major hairdos you should definitely consider bringing back into your hairstyle arsenal. Grab your scrunchies and your teaser brush, ladies — here we go.

1. Drew Barrymore

If you’re over the boho flower crown craze, consider sticking single daisy flowers around your mane. It’ll create a casual chaos of petals, in the best way possible.

2. Angela Chase

My So Called Life/ABC

Two hair lessons to be learned from Claire Danes/Angela Chase’s epic ’90s ‘do: 1. Go red. 2. Get a sleek, lob.

3. Gwen Stefani

Miley’s done it. Rita Ora’s done it. Now, it’s your turn. Recreate Gwen Stefani’s memorable multiple bun ‘do for your next GNO.

4. Denise Huxtable

The Cosby Show/NBC

Denise Huxtable’s hair went through a lot of changes during The Cosby Show’s run, but my favorite look was when she pulled her gorgeous wild locks away from her face with a stretchy, printed headband.

5. Alyssa Milano

Step 1: Flip your hair upside down. Step 2: Pull your hair into a ponytail with your scrunchie. Step 3: Flip your head upright. Step 4: Pull tight. Step 5: Pull even tighter.

6. Cher Horowitz

Paramount Pictures

What would Cher Horowitz do with her hair for date night? Throw it into a sexy, undone high bun, that’s what.

7. Winona Ryder

Let those cheekbones shine with the “Winona” — a gorgeous, simple pixie cut.

8. Jennifer Aniston


No need to run to the salon and get the “Rachel.” All you need is a bobby pin to achieve Jennifer Aniston’s pinned-back style.

9. Mariah Carey

Columbia Records

Repeat after Mariah: big hair, don’t care. Let those natural curls run free, girls!