How Many Tattoos Does Harry Styles Have?

If you become one of the most famous people on the planet before you turn 20 and you don't make a few potentially regrettable decisions in the field of permanent inkage, congratulations: You have defied the laws of pop culture science! Harry Styles, One Direction's smoldering bad boy, may have the best head of hair around, but he doesn't have the best restraint when it comes to tattoos. Chalk it up to the whole "Live While We're Young" movement, but it's safe to say the 20-year-old is a veritable Inkaholic. Although no official tatt total has been confirmed, the consensus indicates that Harry Styles has over 50 tattoos to his name. Based on the tattoos we know of, here are five I strongly believe he'll regret soon.

1. The Brasil Tattoo

Location: Groin

On May 8, 2014, Styles began unbuttoning his pants in front of a crowd of screaming 1D fans in Rio de Janeiro. No heart attacks were reported, but I'd be surprised if his mother didn't almost have one upon finding out that her son tattooed "BRASIL!" two inches left of his you-know-what. Definitely better than getting some chick's name etched on those critical quarters, but I bet someday he'll question getting a permanent South American shoutout down south.

2. The Ship Tattoo

Location: Right Arm

Love, unlike tattoos, isn't always permanent. Such was the case with Harry and Taylor Swift (or "Haylor," as the kids said). Although he very wisely didn't get her name tattooed on his right arm, he will always have to remember the fact that she was with him during this inking. The ship on his arm may still be afloat, but it remains a reminder that the relationship sunk.

3. The Butterfly Tattoo

Location: Chest

Also not permanent? Gorgeous, youthful physiques. If you get a huge tattoo on your chest or stomach, you have to be willing to look at that thing through every stage of your body as it ages. Not that I doubt Styles' dedication to fitness, but he's very factually not getting any younger. By the time he's 60, he'll probably wish that sucker could fly away. SPOILER: It can't.

4. The Pingu Tattoo

Location: Underarm

Tattoos inevitably become conversation pieces. "What does it mean?" "When did you get it?" "Why the eff would you do that to yourself, you idiot?" Maybe not that last one. Styles' "Pingu" tattoo is an inside joke/"bro tatt" with fellow English singer Ed Sheeran, who sports a penguin on his arm. In summation, when asked about this tatt, not only will Styles have to explain the inside joke, but he'll have to reference his friendship with another huge celebrity. Which is hard to do in a manner un-douchey.

5. The Padlock Tattoo

Location: Wrist

Speaking of Sheeran, the one tattoo Styles admits he already regrets was inked by the "Lego House" singer himself. It's supposed to be a padlock, but, honestly, it looks more like a lady's handbag. In Styles' own words: "crap."

He still has the best hair, though.