Zendaya Explains Why She Quit the Aaliyah Biopic

With the announcement that a replacement has been chosen for the role of Aaliyah in Lifetime's Aaliyah biopic, the original actress who held the role, Zendaya Coleman, is once again opening up about why she quit the Aaliyah biopic — and honestly, it was for a really good reason. She left not because of the haters, but because she didn't feel the project was up to the standards it should have been.

A few weeks ago she was quoted saying, "I felt like some things with the production weren’t all the way there, the project wasn’t all the way there." Now, in a series of Instagram video posts she's elaborating on those opinions.

"The main reason is that the production value wasn't there, there were complications with the music rights, and I just felt like it wasn't being handled delicately considering the situation," the actress explained. She also went on to say that upsetting Aaliyah's family was a big issue for her. When she learned the family wasn't on board with the project, she felt it was only right to leave it. "I tried my best to reach out to the family on my own, and I wrote a letter, but I was unable to do so; therefore, I felt not really morally OK with moving forward with the project."

Good for Zendaya for having the bravery to stand up for what she believed was right. Still, Lifetime is planning to move forward anyway, and recently cast Alexandra Shipp to take Zendaya's spot.

Zendaya might not feel right about the production of the film, but she doesn't want Shipp catching any of the flack that she herself was subjected to. "Congratulations to the new woman playing Aaliyah ... remember that we're all human beings trying to do what we love to do. Let's practice motivation and love; not discrimination and hate. All right?"

It's a really classy move for the starlet to be so clear in why she quit, but to not bring any judgement down on the actress replacing her. Way to beat the haters, Zendaya.

You can watch her response to the new casting below: