Is Her Latest Instagram Pic Inappropriate?

Jessica Simpson loves to share pictures of her two children on Instagram, but her latest photo may take things too far. With her high-profile wedding now behind her, Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her daughter Maxwell holding hands with a young boy as her family enjoys a lazy summer day with friends. At first glance the photo is innocent — two year old Maxwell is simply holding hands with Curran, the son of Simpson's friend Stephanie Terblanche. But Simpson's caption took things a little overboard: "Overalls always make a boy fall in love Maxi and Curran forever!"

The combination of her words and the photo make it feel very staged. What was most likely just two little kids sitting next to each other was suddenly posed as a romantic thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Maxwell was instructed to hold onto Curran's hand for the photographic opportunity. And she's not even looking at him, instead her glance is towards the camera.

It would probably have been a cute shot if it was candid. But aren't the two kids a little young for talk of love and being together forever? I'm sure Simpson didn't mean any harm, but it does all seem a bit too mature for two year olds.

Maybe next time she can simply capture the children playing and let them have their innocence while they can. No need to propel them into the world of love just yet — especially when the affection is pretty clearly staged.

Image: Jessica Simpson/Instagram