So Now She's Not Dating Lil Wayne...?

As it turns out, you can hold hands with someone in public and it doesn’t mean you’re dating. Well, at least singer Christina Milian says she isn’t dating Lil Wayne despite the fact that she was caught holding hands at the ESPY Awards with the rapper and alleged fan of purple drank. The 32-year-old was questioned about her relationship with Lil Wayne while preparing to play a kickball game hosted by Chris Brown, and she made it clear that there’s no romance going on between the two. At least not a romance she’d talk about with the paparazzi. After all, Milian just signed with Young Money Entertainment, the record label founded by Lil Wayne, and that would be a bit unprofessional.

When asked, “What’s up with you and Wayne? Are you guys dating or just friends?” Milian responds saying, “We make music together” and “I’m finally around my record label and have the opportunity to make music.” She also tried to avoid the question by shouting that she was ready to play kickball and even said, “You never know” when asked if she thought it would ever be appropriate to date a manager or producer.

Although Milian didn’t say she was dating Lil Wayne, she didn’t exactly say she wasn’t dating him either. Yes, she’s making music with him, but she could also be hiding their relationship since she did just sign with his label and she did just break up with her fiancé Jas Prince a month ago.

Either way, as long as she’s happy, that’s really all that matters.