'Breaking Bad's Big TCA Win Is a Great Sign as the Emmys Approach

Walter White may be gone from our lives, but he's still cleaning up on the awards circuit. On Saturday, Breaking Bad won the TCA Award for Program of the Year and this is a great sign for the show when it comes to the upcoming Emmys. The Television Critics Association also handed the win to Breaking Bad last year, but it means even more now since this year marks the last time the AMC program is eligible for awards season. With the TCA win under its belt, the show is poised to have a really successful final run.

Bryan Cranston was on hand to accept the award and his speech was peppered with jokes about HBO, who picked up four the night's victories.

“Everyone [tonight] is thanking HBO. So, thank you, HBO! Early on — you turned us down. This story about a man who contracts cancer and decides to cook crystal meth. That’s such a bad idea I don’t blame HBO for saying ‘Oh, no!’, and FX going, ‘Oh no!’ But I’m very thankful to AMC — who was desperate."

In addition to its TCA victory, just last week Breaking Bad was nominated for 16 Emmys including Outstanding Drama Series. The actors themselves picked up a handful of nominations with Bryan Cranston getting the Outstanding Lead Actor nod, and Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn getting Outstanding Supporting Actor and Actress bids, respectively.

If the TCA Awards are any indication, Breaking Bad will rise to the top of the Emmy Awards, too.

But if the show does win an Emmy, it won't be just because it's the last season it's eligible. It will be because the show was truly outstanding. There should be no pity awards handed out to this AMC hit as its cast more than deserves any wins they receive. And at the rate they're going, it's likely those victories will be numerous.

Images: AMC; yeahbitchscience/Tumblr; orangeapplebanana/Blogspot