'The One I Love's First Trailer Shows Elizabeth Moss & Mark Duplass In Some Interdimensional Hijinks — VIDEO

The first trailer for Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss' new film The One I Love seems to be marketing a romantic comedy with a genuinely crazy twist. And considering there's talk of different dimensions and Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf within the two-minute trailer, I'd have to say I believe it. After all, let's not forget that this is a movie brought to us by the same people who made Safety Not Guaranteed. Written by Justin Lader and directed by Charlie McDowell, The One I Love was an official selection at both the Tribeca Film Festival and Sundance, and was filmed from a 50-page script with Moss and Duplass encouraged to improvise the rest.

Whereas Safety Not Guaranteed was pretty straightforward with its premise — a dude (Mark Duplass) recruits a young woman (Aubrey Plaza) to train to go back in time with him, and romance and self-discovery ensue — The One I Love seems to be playing more coy with its surrealist twists so far. Still, from what I can gather, it involves marital troubles, marital revitalization, and a house that may or may not lead to another dimension in which this married couple would like to play.

Here's the official synopsis:

No mention of dimensions or mysterious houses, but watch the trailer and you'll definitely see what I'm talking about.

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