He'll Finally Get Some Romance in Season 10

After everything Dean Winchester has been through in the last year on The CW's Supernatural , Season 10 really owes him some fun. In Season 9, Dean was given the Mark of Cain which definitely screwed him up quite a bit, and he was killed by Metatron and resurrected as a demon. Seems more than a little unfair. So when I heard that Dean was going to get a little romance in Season 10, I was actually pretty excited for the fictional guy. While Team Free Will works to turn Dean back into a human from his newly cemented demon form, Demon Dean will enjoy an "intense fling" with a waitress according to TVLine.

All we know so far about the woman is that her name is Ann Marie and she is a "tough but sympathetic" waitress at a currently unspecified roadhouse. The role has yet to be cast, but she will appear in the second episode of Season 10. Seriously, thank goodness. There have never really been a lot of stable women on the show, since it tends to showcase the Winchester boys, and when they do appear, they're kind of hit or miss. The evil female characters always last much longer than those who are good. Plus, there are lots of demons and evil ladies in the bunch. Here are just a few of the Supernatural women that have been the most intriguing.


She started out as a cool demon who seemed to be helping Sam hone his powers, albeit in a really creepy way. But then she and Sam started hooking up, and she became really weird and complained a lot. And of course, she showed her true colors when she helped Sam kill Lilith so that Lucifer could return. Not the best woman portrayed on the series.


Even though Abbadon was a demon, I have to admit she was kind of awesome. Though in Season 9 with the Metatron drama, Abbadon's storyline became a little too overwhelming to handle. I would have preferred if either the storylines meshed a little better or if she could have received her own spotlight for at least a little while. But a leather jacket-wearing demon lady who almost takes over the crown for Hell from Crowley? Love it.


Have to include the one and only Felicia Day. Charlie is not only the smartest character on Supernatural, she also might be one of the most empowering women of the bunch. She's willing to get her hands dirty, she's not afraid to say when she's scared, and she's one of the coolest female characters on TV. The Wizard of Oz storyline was weird, but I hope we get to see her again very soon.

Ellen and Jo Harvelle

This one is still difficult to write about. The surrogate mom for the Winchester boys and her daughter were the closest people to family Sam and Dean had outside of Bobby. They lived and died for the cause and for the boys, and Sam and Dean know it. Ellen and Jo's deaths were tragic, but they finally showed that on Supernatural, women can be just as brave as men — if not even braver.

Sheriff Mills

Thank goodness Sheriff Mills is still alive. She's Definitely one of the coolest women ever to grace the CW drama, Jody is one of the only people who, in addition to reacting to news of the supernatural in the coolest way, but also accepted it and began protecting her town from creatures long after Sam and Dean had to leave her side. And when she unwittingly went on a date with Crowley? Priceless.

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