Rebel Wilson Says 'Pitch Perfect' Cast Hangs Out a Lot & Here Are the Adorable Pics to Prove It

By Kaitlin Reilly
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There is nothing cuter than co-stars of our favorite films hanging out off-screen. With the presence of social media, we're able to stalk the lovely cast of Pitch Perfect as they soak up each other's awesomeness. Rebel Wilson — who played the hysterical and talented Fat Amy — spilled about the cast hanging out off-set (including one time when she and Hana Mae Lee couldn't get into co-star Anna Kendrick's birthday party — a plotline that will be used in the pilot of Wilson's new show Super Fun Night) And while we're super jealous that they all get to hang, we're giddy just to gawk from behind our computer screens. (And we mean that in the least creepy way possible). Here are some adorable pics of the cast hanging out.

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