"French Girls" App Makes Fun of Your Selfies, So Quit It With the Duck Face Already

Have you ever stopped to wonder what other people see when they look at your selfies? Well, a new app called French Girls is prepared to show you just that, by converting your selfies into cartoon form for maximum enlightenment and hilarity. But be warned: there’s a 99 percent chance your duck face will be brutally mocked.

Taking its name from Kate Winslet’s famous “Draw me like one of your French girls” line in The Titanic, the app instructs users to “Take selfies. Get drawings.” After submitting a selfie, users receive a hand-drawn interpretation of the photo from an anonymous stranger...who, judging from past drawings, is probably on hard drugs. They then get the chance to draw others.

The quality of the drawings varies wildly — some are worthy of a manga comic while others could've been drawn by a four-year-old with a hand tremor — but humor and mockery are constant features. Some “artists” choose to reinterpret the whole drawing, while others focus on a single feature and make that the subject of their work. Cleavage is a common target.

Judging from the pictures I’ve seen floating around the Internet, it seems the app is most popular with a teenage crowd, although 20 and 30-somethings are testing it out. too. Oh, and Christina Milian. She's so active about the app on Twitter, I'd be unsurprised to learn she was being paid to endorse it.

Here's a curated selection of French Girls drawings and their inspiration pics, which range from:

Amazingly accurate:

To less-than-flattering:

To cruel:

To kooky:

To cute:

To sweet:

To downright hilarious:

Image: Twitter;Instagram