Andy Cohen Disses Teresa Giudice Big Time And Ouch, It Stings

If given the opportunity to watch Teresa Giudice or her cousin Rosie Pierri for 22 minutes, most Real Housewives of New Jersey fans would probably pick the later. Sure, Giudice makes for great drama on RHONJ, but, with the risk of sounding a little harsh, she doesn't necessarily make for an entertaining and/or riveting interview — and Bravo may be on to that. Two days before she was scheduled to sit down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Cohen cancelled Giudice's Sunday night appearance and replaced her with good ol' Rosie and her sis Kathy Wakile. And if you think Giudice was furious, you're probably right.

According to reports, Giudice was "livid with the diss," as it only added insult to injury, being that Cohen mocked the Giudices and their legal troubles a few weeks ago on WWHL's five-year anniversary special. Teresa felt "so betrayed" by Andy, apparently, so this pretty much was just adding salt to her wound.

As fascinated as everyone is with Joe and Teresa's impending court case, it, needless to say, isn't a good look. Yes, it's sad that there's a chance both of them will go to prison, leaving four young daughters at home, but Jesus, the couple is facing 39 counts of fraud. What the hell is wrong with them? Can't say it would be the most shocking thing in the world if Bravo wanted to distance themselves with Giudices, regardless of how good they are for ratings. Who would want to be associated with that?

In other news, Kathy Wakile certainly seemed excited to get a little screen time again, even if it was at the expense of her cousin.

And you know that killed Teresa. First, the desserts, now this.

Image: Teresa Giudice/Instagram