'Fargo' Renewed For Second Season Is Really Good News, Dontcha Know

Here's some good news for fans, doncha know! Indiewire reports that the TCA brought good news: the popular FX series Fargo will return for a second installment. Thought it was just going to be a limited engagement? Well, think again, as "limited' has been stretched for your beenfit.

But in case you're confused about the addition to the series, (didn't a lot of people die?! Is this the ghost edition of this series?! Am I a hologram??), rest assured that there will not be any ghosts. Noah Hawley's crime series will simply take place in a different time period with a whole new roster of characters. The series was popular and incredibly successful. FX 's CEO John Landraf said in a statement:

This news practically rivals all of those Emmy nominations, but you've got to hand it to the people over at FX — they know good television when they see it, and another installment of Fargo proves they know exactly what they're doing.

Image: FX; Complex