Good News For 'Fargo' Fans!

by Mallory Schlossberg

Here's some good news for fans, doncha know! Indiewire reports that the TCA brought good news: the popular FX series Fargo will return for a second installment. Thought it was just going to be a limited engagement? Well, think again, as "limited' has been stretched for your beenfit.

But in case you're confused about the addition to the series, (didn't a lot of people die?! Is this the ghost edition of this series?! Am I a hologram??), rest assured that there will not be any ghosts. Noah Hawley's crime series will simply take place in a different time period with a whole new roster of characters. The series was popular and incredibly successful. FX 's CEO John Landraf said in a statement:

We could not be more proud of Fargo [...] Noah’s audacious, bordering on hubristic riff on my favorite Coen brothers film earned 18 Emmy nominations – the most for a single program in our history. Fargo was nothing short of breathtaking and we look forward to the next installment.

This news practically rivals all of those Emmy nominations, but you've got to hand it to the people over at FX — they know good television when they see it, and another installment of Fargo proves they know exactly what they're doing.

Image: FX; Complex