Nick Offerman Tackles Your Summer Reading For You

Much to the dismay of literature teachers everywhere — and to the delight of their students — Nick Offerman (of Parks and Recreation fame) stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night to liberate schoolchildren from the droll responsibility of completing their assigned summer reading books.

Reclining in a plush leather chair, Offerman sifts through a pile of literary classics and explains to lazy students what The Whole Point of each book (or play) is so that kids can instead "spend the rest of [their] summer smoking weed and YOLOing, whatever the hell that means." Ron Swanson to the rescue!

With a hilariously deadpan expression, Offerman gives a one-line recap of plays like King Lear ("King Lear dies") and Hamlet ("Hamlet dies") and other tomes such as Moby-Dick ("A guy named Ishmael is on a boat, they're looking for a white whale, they find it").

Check out the full clip below. Oh, and by the way, spoiler alert.