How Long Does It Take T. Swift to Get Ready?

Just gonna cut to the chase here, guys: Taylor Swift takes a long time to get ready. Like, a really long time. You know how she always looks gorgeous and perfect and her red lipstick is on point in every photo you see of her? There's a reason for that. The girl takes her coiffing extremely seriously.

The Daily News is reporting that Swift will spend about an hour in the bathroom at her gym post-work out, fixing her hair, making sure her outfit is cute and wrinkle-free, and applying makeup for her adoring fans and the paparazzi who follow her every move. Clearly, it's working since she looks incredible approximately 100% of the time. But also, this tid bit is kind of surprising. Not only does Swift seem so chill, is it even possible for her to look bad?

On the one hand, it's always a little comforting to hear that not every gorgeous celebrity #wokeuplike this, but on the contradicting other, it's really difficult to imagine that Swift would be mistaken for some sort of mysterious sea hag, were she just to leave the gym sweaty and sans any primping.

The girl's adorable with or without makeup. Hopefully, she realizes that.


Image: Ask-Taylor13/Tumblr