10 Party Balloon DIYs That Will Make Adulthood A Little More Fun

Balloons are just the tops — literally because they float to the tops of rooms, but also figuratively because they are bright and cheery and can make any day feel like a fiesta.

But unless you are attending a lot of kids birthday parties, sightings of these helium-filled arbiters of fun become more and more rare. Don't let that happen! Adults can get festive too. Here are 10 ways to use balloons today.

Image: StudioDIY

fruit balloons DIY

Forget balloon animals — this fruit balloon garland from Oh Happy Day is exactly what every summer party needs.

Image: Oh Happy Day

birthday candle balloons

There is no better way to say happy birthday than with giant birthday balloon candles like these from StudioDIY. Now if only there was a giant balloon cake to go with it…

Image: StudioDIY

heart balloon surprise

Valentine’s Day may be months away, but it’s never too early to start prepping. Keep this fun balloon surprise from Oh Happy Day in mind for February.

Image: Oh Happy Day

diy donut balloons

Donuts AND balloons?! It’s my dream come true, thanks to the genius that is Kelly over at StuidoDIY.

Image: StudioDIY

goldilocks costume

Balloons can do so many things! This Goldilocks costume from A Beautiful Mess is made from balloons and looks awesome.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

balloon invitation

This floating invitation is a little reminiscent of that butterfly invite in Bridesmaids. This sweet one from Oh Happy Day is way cuter and live-animal free

Image: Oh Happy Day

balloon ride print

If I could cover my apartment in Rifle Paper Co. I would do it in a heart beat. For now, I will settle for this amazing balloon ride print.

Balloon Ride Print, $21, riflepaperco.com

boxed balloon invitations

This adorable boxed balloon invite comes in all sorts of themes, from carnivals to baby showers. Yippie!

Boxed Balloon Invitations (Set of 15), $150, etsy.com

giant confetti balloon

Giant balloons are the best kinds of balloons, and confetti filled ones are floating perfection.

Giant Confetti Balloon, $39, etsy.com

diy hot air balloon kit

Not into real balloons? I get it, but try saying no to this hot air balloon mobile.

DIY Hot Air Balloon Kit, $18, etsy.com