Pippa Middleton Is Looking at Houses with Nanny’s Quarters So Let the Baby Rumors Commence

While the world was busy fawning over the latest photo of Prince George walking on his own, the Duchess' sister, Pippa Middleton, was house-hunting with her hottie banker boyfriend, Nico Jackson. Who gives a rat's about their nephew walking when you've got a multi-million dollar home to purchase?

Just kidding. But Kate's sister is thisclose to buying a very large, very expensive ($5 million plus, if you must know) house with her long-time lovah. The rad thing about the home? It's got six double bedrooms, a screening room, and is in a particularly charming part of West London, Parsons Green. The weird thing? It has a nanny's quarters. BABY ALERT! BABY ALERT! BABY ALERT!

JK again. It's doubtful that Middleton and Jackson will have a kid just yet, being that they're not even betrothed, but a marriage and a baby carriage don't seem too far out of the question for the royal-adjacent couple. Despite Jackson recently making the move to Geneva for work, the couple is still going strong and reportedly found the nanny's quarters "particularly appealing." Also, they're buying a ginormous, baller house together — that's not exactly a relationship red flag.

It's likely only a matter of time before this wildly attractive, incredibly privileged couple ties knot and we're all gawking at what Kate wore to the wedding. Sorry, Pippa. You steal the show at your sis's wedding, prepare to have the same thing done to you. Y'burnt, auntie.