15 Wall Stickers That Will Add a Little Oomph To Your Studio Apartment

My apartment is awesome and I'm so happy to live there...but sometimes I wish I could change everything about it. Specifically the semi-gloss white walls — and while we are at it, I'd love new floors and a total remodel.

Apartment living can be hard, with the lack of space and that mauve bathroom paint you aren't allowed to change, but it's still important (maybe even moreso) to make your space feel fun and comfy. That's made easier by vinyl wall stickers and the creative people who dream them up. Here are 15 truly awesome vinyl stickers that just might be even better than painting your "foyer" (which is what you're calling that awkward hallway between your front door and your kitchen) or putting up wallpaper.

tiny fairy door sticker

Anyone who doesn’t squeal when they see this tiny fairy door sticker is either a liar or a monster.

Fairy Door wall sticker, $6, etsy.com

hand drawn wall dots

These hand drawn dots are perfect for really any wall. I’m picturing them adding lots of personality to a bathroom or closet.

Hand drawn wall dots, $40, etsy.com

confetti wall dots

It’s no secret that I love confetti, so I obviously can’t wait to sprinkle these on my walls.

Confetti wall dots, $40, etsy.com

bright honeycomb wall stickers

I’m super into the geometric/honeycomb trend and this is an excellent way to jump on that bandwagon.

Bright honeycomb wall, $50, etsy.com

triangle wall pattern

Speaking from experience, I can confidently say that simple triangles can really turn up the energy of the room.

Triangle wall pattern, $48, etsy.com

bunny wall decal

If you have a little one, or if you just love bunnies, this decal is just the sweetest.

Bunny wall decal, $20, etsy.com

origami crane evolution decals

These origami stickers add a little interest to a simple space.

Crane evolution stickers, $36, etsy.com

window frames decal

Wish your apartment had more windows? Well here is what you’ve been waiting for…kind of.

Window frames decal, $22, etsy.com

frame wallpaper

I am the number one fan of frame collages, so of course I want you to have this.

Frame Wallpaper, $35, etsy.com

gone with a balloon sticker

Now if only I could travel from place to place on a giant balloon too.

Gone with a balloon sticker, $45, etsy.com

removable butterfly wall decor

Real talk, I am very afraid of butterflies — but this wall decor is still too pretty not to love.

Butterfly wall decor, $17, etsy.com

grass wall sticker

If you can’t get outside more, bring the outside to you with this awesome grass decal.

Grass wall sticker, $35, etsy.com

wall sticker clock

Wall clocks are tremendously helpful and this one is among the most creative I’ve seen.

Wall sticker clock, $35, etsy.com

comic book stickers

Add a lot more action to your life with these hyperbolic stickers.

Comic book sticker, $22, etsy.com

simple tree decals

You can almost hear the quiet of the forest with these simple decals.

Simple tree decals, $78, etsy.com