8 Thin Hair Mistakes You’re Making

by Julia Teen

Sorry, thin-haired friends, you may never be able to add any more height or density to your uber-fine strands (though there are always extensions), but you can learn how to make the most of what you've got. It doesn't have to be all flatness and lank ends. Here are the common mistakes you're making on the daily:

Thinking Your Hair Is Always Going To Be Flat

Sally Hershberger NYC salon stylist Travis Speck says this is a complaint he hears from fine-haired girls all the time. “They say that their hair is flat and limp with no body,” he says. But it doesn’t have to be this way: “I tell them to use a thickening spray or a root lifting spray to tackle this,” he explains.

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Using Too Much Product

Unfortunately, with fine hair you have to choose your products wisely. “Using too much product just weighs your hair down,” says hairstylist Sunnie Brook. “Also, applying conditioner to all of your hair instead of just at the ends is a huge mistake.” Concentrate any product to your hair tips — not your roots — to avoid adding extra weight.

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Blow Drying Flat To Your Head

Thin hair: It’s all about the lift. “An easy solution for the flatness of fine hair is to blow dry your roots away from your scalp,” says Speck. Grab a round brush and lift your roots up and out from your head while blow-drying for extra height.

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Not Knowing How To Combat The Limp When It Does Happen

Dig out your old-school crimper: It’s time to use it again. “I like to use a tiny crimper on the underneath layers of fine hair near the scalp," says Brook. “It makes the hair expand on top of itself instead of laying flat and gives the illusion of thicker hair.

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Using A Curling Iron

Not that there’s anything wrong with a curling iron, but the trick for fine hair girls is to get on the roller train. “I like to use hot rollers for my clients," says Speck. He backcombs the hair from the roots and then adds in the rollers for large, voluminous curls that give the illusion of thickness.

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Letting Your Hair Grow Too Long

Sad, but true: Most fine hair girls will never enjoy long hair, because their ends tend to look ratty the longer it gets. “I encourage fine-hair types to get a haircut that is at their shoulders or shorter so that the hair will maintain a good bounce and shape,” says Brook.

Letting Your Fly-Aways Take Over

There is a solution! “You tend to see a lot of breakage along the hairline with fine hair because the texture is more fragile,” says Brook. “I love using clear mascara to tame these areas — it really helps and doesn’t use a ton of product weighing your hair down.”

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Not Dealing With Product Buildup

Even when you don’t saturate your hair with product, shampoo, conditioner, and the elements can accumulate on your scalp, weighing it down. “A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair,” says Brook. “Use a clarifying shampoo regularly to keep your hair healthy and free from buildup.”

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