Well, This Was Insane, Ashley & JP

It's a Bachelor first! On Monday's Bachelorette Men Tell All special ABC decided to do a live ultrasound on former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert to find out the sex of hers and husband J.P. Rosenbaum's baby. Unfortunately for ABC we know this was nothing more than a reality TV stunt because Ashley actually revealed that her baby was a boy weeks ago.

It wasn't the only repetitive news that ABC got out of the couple. Their other "big reveal" was the shocking information that they're moving from New York to Miami. That would be a lot more interesting of an announcement if Ashley hadn't already posted that information to Twitter last week. But at least Chris Harrison got to sneak in a Juan Pablo joke teasing that the reason the couple moved "was to be closer to Juan Pablo." Everyone laughed because of course the Bachelor Family wants to put as much distance between them and Juan Pablo as possible.

The TV ultrasound was possibly the weirdest five minutes of television ever, especially having to watch J.P. and Ashley pretend that they had just learned the sex of their baby. (Spoiler alert: they're not very good actors.)

I still feel kind of sorry for their kid when he grows up to learn his time in the womb was broadcast on national television. But hey, at least Ashley was just joking about the live TV birth. (We hope!)

The ultrasound stunt was totally strange and kind of useless considering we already knew the sex of the baby, but according to previews for the episode they're keeping the machine around to do an ultrasound on Andi Dorfman later, so it wasn't a total waste for ABC. Although in the spirit of the night, that utrasound will also reveal information we already knew considering Andi debunked her own pregnancy news last week.

Thanks for the old information, ABC!

Image: Ashley Hebert Rosenbaum/Instagram; kristinepage