It's Official, Everyone Hates Frankie

Frankie Grande's entire strategy on Big Brother is to play the middle for as long as possible. So far, it's been working for him. Frankie is one of only a handful of houseguests who have never been put up for eviction and he's even won HoH twice since entering the house. Then there's the fact that Frankie is generally popular with the audience as well, to the point of being voted a part of Team America along with Donny and Derrick. However, it seems like Frankie's golden age is slowly coming to an end. The other houseguests seem to be slowly but surely turning against him and Frankie might need to take a more active hand in the competition if he's going to save himself.

As we've learned, it doesn't actually matter how much Frankie likes you. This is Big Brother and he will turn on you if he has to. When it looked like the house was going to evict Zach — aka the other half of the popular fan couple "Zankie" — Frankie was so on board with the plan that he was shocked when everyone decided not to vote Zach out after all. Telling Frankie something in confidence is about as useless as a bicycle for a fish. He's got everyone in his pocket... and people are starting to notice.

Considering the fact that Cody is one of the guests in the house that Frankie has kept close since the start of the competition (gushing diary room appreciation of Cody's looks aside), it might be a surprise to hear that he's one of the first to doubt Frankie's intentions. However, Cody has a good reason. He's been trying to get Caleb evicted from the house before Caleb comes after him and Frankie is one of Caleb's strongest defenders, because, as other guests rightly pointed out, Frankie has Caleb in his back pocket.

Cody has also encountered Frankie's two faced behavior over the same issue. When it looked like Cody was seriously going to put Caleb up on the block, Frankie immediately ran to wake up Derrick and tell him what Cody was planning in the hopes that Derrick could talk some sense into Cody. Naturally, Cody did not take this move well.

This is only compounded by the fact that Cody is far from the only houseguest to be suspicious of Frankie's intentions. Even Zach, who spends most of his time with Frankie and seems to genuinely care about him, frequently expresses doubt that he can trust Frankie as much as he'd like to. The females in the house aren't on Frankie's side either, although it's incredibly justified in their case. Frankie's alliances and friendships have largely been made with the other guys in the house and if there's plotting and scheming to be done then it's unlikely that Frankie is talking to one of the girls about it.

Add that to the fact that he screwed Victoria over on his very first week as HoH and Frankie doesn't have a single close friend among the girls, except when he's using Christine or Amber as pawns in the alliance they both think they have a say in.

At this point, Frankie has Donny and Derrick as the other members of Team America, and Zach and Caleb as the two carefully but totally putting their faith in him. However, that's only four of the people in the entire house that can be considered to be on Frankie's side if the rest of the house turns against him. Frankie hasn't been nominated for eviction yet, but that might be about to change if he doesn't stop floating neutrally and start building true alliances where he can.

Frankie might think it's too early for that, but this is Big Brother. When the house turns against you, then you go home. Just ask Joey, Paola, and Devin.