Whoa — Bill and Ted Are Coming Back!

Keanu Reeves, despite the Matrix, will always be Ted "Theodore" Logan from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (and of course, the less awesome but still awesome sequel, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey), which is why it's totally tubular to discover that the members of the Wyld Stallyns and phone-booth time travelers are reprising their roles for a third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise. Maybe it'll be called Bill and Ted 3: The Meaning of Life?

So far, the rumored script has Bill and Ted writing a song that will ultimately save the world. Other than that, though, the details have been few and far between, even though Alex Winters tweeted over two years ago that the script is, in fact, finished:

Obviously, I was into the time-traveling history report of Bill and Ted 1, and I was also pretty down with the evil robot Battle of the Bands in Bill and Ted 2. But what's become of our radical heroes in the 17 years since they brought peace and harmony to the world in their broadcast at the end of their bogus journey?

I'm pushing for Bill and Ted's kids to take their own journey to the future, prompting their slacker dads to follow them to prevent them from ruining the Utopia they know awaits them. There have been rumors that So-crates will resurface, so I'm crossing my fingers that Bill and Ted will take a tour to ancient Greece and explore the forum. Or maybe delve into Greek mythology? The most far out would be if Bill and Ted traveled to space and met some sinister space babes who attempt to blast their memories of their music-making abilities.

The possibilities are endless. All I hope is that Bill and Ted remain excellent to each other.