STK Steakhouses: 5 Things That Make a Steakhouse "Lady-Friendly"

STK, a chain of American restaurants, recently opened their first place in London. Their promising tagline "not your daddy's steakhouse" merits a closer look. On their website, STK advertises three promises in increasingly smaller font: Atmosphere, temptation, and steak. Ladies, they've got our priorities straight. Here are five things that make London's STK oh-so-special:

1. Flowers. We love flowers. Especially when they're white. And everywhere.

2. Mini steak options. To match our mini purses.

3. Creamy leather and crocodile tiles. Those bulky wooden booths in the manly steakhouses are threatening.

4. Smoky mirrors. Do I look sexy biting into my steak? Yes.

5. A £58 steak. This is what The Guardian calls "leg-opener prices." Because we're worth it.

Image: Eduardo Roda Lopes/Unsplash