This 'TFIOS' Star Is Making Music

Some infinities are bigger than other infinities, just like some fandoms are waaaay bigger than other fandoms. But even the loyal and obsessed Fault In Our Stars fandom may be surprised to learn that one of their beloved TFIOS stars has another job. Ansel Elgort, the charming actor who plays the equally charming Augustus Waters in The Fault In Our Stars is also a DJ. Elgort DJs under the name Ansolo and has released a new song that has already creeped its way into the iTunes Top 10 Dance Chart. Move over, Calvin Harris.

The track, which is co-produced by London music producer Tom Staar, is called "Totem" and, according to the song's SoundCloud page, is about a "full on tribal assault" with "dark, synths" and a "hypnotic vocal." As someone who is musically challenged, I have absolutely no earthly idea what any of that means, but I assume that fans of dance music are up on the lingo. Quite honestly, the song could be the best dance song in the entire world, or the worst, and I would have no idea. But, luckily for Elgort, he doesn't have to listen to my non-critique of his music, because fans are already eating "Totem" up. Check it out:

Unsurprisingly, Elgort's fans are really into "Totem," but you can listen to the track below and judge it for yourself.

Okay? Okay.