Robyn Lawley Proudly Posts Unretouched Bikini Pic

Aussie model Robyn Lawley shared an unretouched bikini pic on her Instagram, promoting her eponymous, plus-size swimsuit line, which covers sizes 8 to 18. Who said shapely girls can't wear stylin', two-piece swimwear? There are plenty of style "rules" and regulations that plus-size girls can and should break.

Even with her probably-a-D-cup size, it's actually pretty cray cray that Lawley herself is considered a plus-size model, even though she is incredibly tall, towering at 6'2", and boasts a brick house shape, as evidenced by her natural, unedited photo. There are no lighting tricks and there doesn't appear to be any 'Shopping going on.

Still, I can't lie and admit that the photo also elicited this response from me: Like, this is plus-size in 2014? Sigh. Lawley isn't a twig; she's just...real. And a thin real at that.

That said, the snap of Lawley, who is just 25, in a hot pink suit with some awesome gold hardware, without a drop of makeup on her gorgeous face, and her hair pulled off her face in a messy, loose pony, is a modern bombshell moment. It's disarmingly real and it sends a positive message about loving your body and your shape, no matter the size.

Lawley, who is repped by Wilhelmina Models, captioned the shot: "New sexier cuts coming to #robynlawleyswimwear that still offer the same support #retouchandmakeupfree #ineedatan."

Hey, Robyn, you definitely don't need a tan, but this suit invites and inspires curvy girls to wear it and go out there and get tans!

Plus, I could totally see any Bond Girl wearing that suit, since it is so flattering and hawt.

Move over, Halle Berry, who definitely made a splash in her tangerine-hued swimsuit, complete with a "That's a knife!" accessory, as Jinx when she was a Bond Girl. Curvy girls can rock similar suits, yo!

Lawley's swimsuits combine sexy cuts with support, something anyone who is top heavy or has curves needs and wants. Any lady who isn't shaped like a 12-year-old boy usually struggles with finding a bathing suit that looks as good as it feels, and Lawley is helping to end that fashion conundrum with her pieces, which are stylish, supportive, sexy, and insanely wearable.

As someone who is blessed below the neck and above the waist, I often struggle with finding a swimsuit top that is cute and that I want to wear but that also defies gravity. So seeing a halter neck swimsuit top that doesn't sacrifice fashion for function is inspiring and encouraging. Thanks, R. Lawley.

Image: Robyn Lawley/Instagram; Giphy