There Has To Be A Cormoran Strike Movie Coming

Is she looking at her second, multi-billion dollar franchise? J.K. Rowling might write more Cormoran Strike novels than Harry Potter books and we all know what that means. Rowling released the second Strike novel, The Silkworm , on June 19 and it's currently sitting at #5 on the New York Time s Bestseller List. So, we absolutely shouldn't be surprised that the Harry Potter author is planning to carry-out her original plan of writing seven Strike novels, and then some. My only question is: When are we doing to see the Cuckoo's Calling movie?

Back in February, Rowling revealed that she might be planning seven Cormoran Strike novels and I, for one, thought that was a brilliant idea. And at Harrogate's Crime Writing Festival, Rowling confirmed that that's indeed her plan. The author revealed, "I really love writing these books, so I don’t know that I’ve got an end point in mind," and that while a detective lives, you can continue to write cases for him. So basically, the reach of the potential Strike series is endless.

So, does this mean that Warner Bros. is probably scrambling to get the film rights to the Strike novels? Obviously, because lightening is striking (ha) twice for Rowling, so why would she not make the crime series a multi-media venture. Detectives are the new vampires, after all. And with the upward-of-seven-novels promise Rowling seemed to make, it would fit perfectly to make Strike's cases into films, or even miniseries. Which leads to my second question: Who will play Cormoran Strike? If you're listening, Warner Bros., I've got an idea: Tom Hardy.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Hardy would have to put on a handful of weight for this role (according to the novel's description, Strike weighs "16 stones," which is equal to 224 pounds). But he's got the fact that he's British going for him — we all know Rowling's stipulations about hiring exclusively British actors. Hardy also has some other important experience he could pour into former-boxer Strike, his role in 2011's Warrior. The 36-year-old actor also has the resumé to back him up if it were a question as to whether or not he could play a gritty, down-on-his-luck detective role with The Dark Knight and Mad Max in his past.

So let's make this happen, okay? Cool.

Image: Getty Images