The Most Revealing Underwear Award Goes To...

Revealing lingerie is pretty commonplace in today's shopping culture. I mean, sometimes I even feel uncomfortable walking past a Victoria's Secret store. What? 10-foot-tall photos of supermodels in next to nothing don't occasionally intimidate you too? Right. Beth Haswell, an 18-year-old high school student from England, had a slightly different concept in mind in terms of revealing lingerie when it came to a final project for school. Haswell created a pair of anatomically correct underwear (and matching bra) that describe well...everything that's going on underneath.

But this anatomically correct lingerie set wasn't made for sexiness (are you shocked?), or even for simply the added convenience of having a pair of underwear that helps you remember where your fallopian tubes are located in relation to your uterus. No, Haswell made the pieces as part of an art project, which is titled "Why Are You So Afraid Of Your Own Anatomy?" Pretty straight forward.

As BuzzFeed pointed out, the Twittersphere is full of opinions on said "vagina pants," and, let's be honest — who is really surprised? It's Twitter, and if anything is going to create a buzz, it's a pair of underwear with an anatomical vagina design. Because, you know, it's not like there's really many other significant things happening in the world these days.

I mean, for all those times that we wonder, "what, WHERE are my ovaries?" there is suddenly an answer...or at least a general direction to point toward. And if you are actually afraid of all that complicated anatomy (I don't doubt that some women are...there's a lot going on there), well...perhaps it's time to overcome your fears by facing reality, and taking a refresher course in high school anatomy. Except this time instead of a text's underwear. Makes sense. I guess.

Ok, so, as of now - there's nowhere you can actually buy these bad boys. Haswell says she only created them for the art project, but if you love her work, or art that centers around women/feminism in general – her art group, Clandestine Collective, has an Instagram and Twitter you can follow and learn/see more.