7 Reality TV Stars Who Prove You Can Successfully Make The Jump To Acting

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Another day, another reality TV show star trying to make the Hollywood crossover. Tanisha Thomas of Bad Girls Club Season 2 fame posted a picture to her social media outlets a few days ago intimating that she had been approached to be on Orange is The New Black Season 3. Although TMZ says it's not happening, we can't help but raise a quizzical brow... Maybe Tanisha will escape the reality tv ghetto, despite the fact that we know her primarily as the "pop off" woman.

Now, reality TV is one big chance for a viewer to convince themselves out of liking the stars. If you show yourself to be a lunatic, a back-stabber, or just a boring human, you may be a hard sell to any casting directors. However, this doesn't stop plenty of reality TV stars from attempting that precarious jump from pretending to be yourself to pretending to be another person. Some of the people who have tried are actually doing pretty well for themselves. Check 'em out!

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