Hilary Duff Shows Off Her Street Style on IG

Hilary Duff is 26, a mom, and a former child star. That's in addition to being the onetime nemesis of Lindsay Lohan, with whom she famously battled for the affections of singer Aaron Carer. His stock has plummeted so low that he recently resorted to desperate tweeting about getting her back, making Robin Thicke's very public, very uncomfortable, and album-driven effort to win back estranged wife Paula Patton seem tame, not that creepy, and almost okay by comparison.

Even though she is a MILF and is sorta single, since she split with ex-hockey player hubby Mike Comrie at the top of the year but still peacefully co-parents with him, Duff still has fresh style. Her cray cray life has not deterred her from faboosh dressing.

The ex-Lizzie McGuire also has one of the most enviable street styles. Her Instagram feed is basically a how-to guide for developing a cool and easy-to-copy street look, filled with photos of her "right now" ensembles. It's a treasure trove of classic, timeless, and trendy ideas.

Duff, who has signed to RCA to reboot her music career, with new single "Chasing the Sun" dropping July 29 and a new album this fall, is naturally pretty. But her outfits are always on point and super cute. I challenge you not to borrow at least one element from one of her ensembles.

Duff has mastered the art of layering and she knows how to dress up skinnies like it is her job. Her style is urban chic, with a mix of high and low. Her accessorizing is at Olympic gold medal levels, too.

These are eight IG snaps that encapsulate Duff's street style and if you pay close attention, you can lift from her template.

1. Master Class(ics)

Duff is a master of mixing classics and coming up with something super stylish. Her fitted leather moto jacket, black leggings/skinnies, and bulky-but-not-too-bulky infinity scarf are given a kick by the ladylike and expensive red bag. Who wouldn't want to look this amaze when braving the cold?

2. Casual But Pulled Together

Skinnies are an essential part of her wardrobe and this casual outfit, featuring a comfy sweater, is deceptively simple. She is cozy and cute, but pulled together, since her pieces fit well.

3. Accessible Accessories

H. Duff's ability to accessorize accessibly (say that 10 times fast!) is unparalleled. The floppy, Stevie Nicks-style hat and rectangular, turquoise necklace are so summery and so West Coast.

4. Summer Layers

Since she lives in Cali, Duff has to dress for warmer weather. But instead of just throwing on shorts and a tank, resulting in a a big ol' Zzzzzz look, her layers and floral pattern up the fashion ante. The military topper, straw bag, and strands of necklaces are Duff's take on boho chic.

5. On The Fringe

The singer and actress isn't always edgy, but when she is, it makes a statement, like this black leather jacket with arm fringe. She had to pick this up at a vintage store specializing in the '80s. It's such a throwback to that era, but the big and blingy necklace modernizes the presentation.

6. Skinnies

Skinny jeans are a new classic and the cut will likely never go out of style. Duff's ripped, dark grey skinnies, paired with masculine Chanel booties in this pic, are youthful and can go with anything in her closet or yours.

7. Winter Layers

Winter layers add bulk and volume, but Duff shows us how its down without sacrificing style by mixing elements. Her tailored coat, chunky knit skully, and nerdy specs would make you think she is a regular winter dresser living in NYC, even though that is not the case. It's a strange mix of ladylike and nerdy and it works.

8. Cali Cool

The onetime Lizzie McGuire epitomizes Cali cool in her crocheted coverup. But the gobs of chunky bracelets and oversized rings are what captured my attention here. It's her grasp of accessories with key pieces in her getups that wows me every time.

Images: Hilary Duff/Instagram