3 New Tumblrs to Add to Your Dashboard

Damn, I love the Internet. Don't you? It's just a never ending source of amusement in the form of funny blogs and cool sites that showcase the ideas of awesome, creative people. I always feel inspired, especially when I spend some time poking around in the depths of tumblr. Here are the three tumblrs I'm especially digging today:

1. Life Of A Stranger Who Stole My iPhone: I'm basically obsessed with this Tumblr that chronicles "the inspiring story of Hafid from Dubai, the douchebag who stole my iPhone." And apparently, forgot to disable Dropbox. The story is that the original owner of the phone had her phone stolen while she was swimming in Ibiza. The dude who stole it then Facebook messaged her to hit on her... and proceeded to snap tons of photos of his life, which she has access to because all of them are uploaded to the Dropbox on her computer. Hafid's life is the stuff of hilarity; think tons of super dramatic selfies and weird partying pics with his friends.


2. When You Work At A Nonprofit: I don't know how nonprofit jobs haven't yet spawned their own GIF-tastic Tumblr, but if you've been waiting with bated breath for jokes about donor databases and grant money, this site is for you.

3. MoMa Teens: The Museum of Modern Art has a ridiculously well-designed new Tumblr that's geared towards teens! So far it's a lot of cool/trippy pictures (So, like basically everything else on Tumblr. Hey, I'm not complaining, I can get down with cool/trippy pictures) and information about MoMA programs, like classes and courses that are open to teenagers.

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