Some of Her Lyrics Are Suspicious

It may seem hard to believe — OK, it's extremely hard to believe and I refuse to believe it — but there are reports that ultimate hip-hop power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z are getting divorced. It hasn't happened yet, but apparently, they have it scheduled right between "finish hugely popular tour" and "take separate exotic vacations." With these rumors out there, we find ourselves wondering: What's wrong? Are there signs? What did we miss? Can someone get us a glass of wine, ASAP?! If this split really does happen, we'll all be fine eventually. Just as Beyoncé will keep on being the walking embodiment of flawless, Jay Z will keep on being a mega-mogul, and Blue Ivy will keep on being blissfully unaware of what “chores” are.

As for what we may have missed, one source continues to drop major hints about the possible Knowles-Carter split and has done so for quite some time now: Bey herself. A glance at the lyrics from tracks off of Beyoncé and a few of Bey’s earlier songs reveal that the relationship between the #theworldsmosttalkedaboutcouple (suck it, Kim K.) has been on the rocks long before Solange threw the first punch during the media firestorm that was "elevatorgate."

While Beyoncé never came right out and opened up about her marital woes, many of her lyrics allude to a less-than-perfect marriage.


In this track featuring Drake from Beyoncé, her fifth studio album, Bey got extremely honest when it came to her lyrics.

I’ve been watching for the signs/Took a trip to clear my mind/Now I’m even more lost/And you’re still so fine, oh my oh my/Been having conversations about breakups and separations/I’m not feeling like myself since the baby/Are we gonna even make it? Oooh/Cause if we are, we’re taking this a little too far/Me being wherever I’m at, worried about wherever you are

Woof. Talk about laying it all out there. While the lyrics aren't about rainbows and lollipops, kudos to her for getting real.

"No Angel"

The lyrics from "No Angel" strongly hint at an imperfect relationship that's hitting a major rough patch. I assumed it was just a metaphor for something else, rather than her relationship with Jay.

Baby put your arms around meTell me I'm the problemKnow I'm not the girl you thought you knew and that you wantedUnderneath the pretty face is something complicatedI come with a side of trouble


In a song about waiting around for someone who's constantly out and doing who knows what while she's stuck at home, we can only imagine who the lyrics are directed towards.

And I hate you for your lies and your coversAnd I hate us for making good love to each otherAnd I love making you jealous but don't judge meAnd I know that I'm being hateful but that ain't nothing


In perhaps the most publicized moment of Beyoncé lashing out with her lyrics, she made a big impression during a performance of her 2006 track "Resentment" during an On The Run tour stop with Jay. She sang, “Been ridin’ with you for 12 years, why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?” although the original line from the song says six years, instead of 12. The couple have only been married for six years, but their first duet together on “‘03 Bonnie & Clyde” made its debut 12 years ago, all the way back in 2002.

Maybe all these lyrics could just be coincidental...