Police Identify Suspect in Killing of Four People in Dallas

Police have arrested a man in connection with four murders in the Dallas area Wednesday night.

The suspect, identified as Erbie Bowser, 44, is accused of killing four people and injuring four others in two separate incidents that occurred in Dallas, Texas and neighboring city, DeSoto. He was taken into custody at the second crime scene by DeSoto police.

The shootings took place late Wednesday night. The deceased victims in Dallas were identified by family members as Toya Smith and 17-year-old Mia Allen. Two other individuals at the scene, including a 14-year-old boy, suffered gunshot wounds and were taken to the hospital.

At the second scene, two more people were killed. Two boys, ages 11 and 13, were wounded.

Bowser was formerly a special education teacher and volunteer coach at Berry Middle School and West Mesquite High School in the Mesquite Independent School District. The suspect resigned in 2010. Bowser was also listed on the Dallas Mavericks "Mavs ManiAACs" male dance team last year.

While police have not confirmed Bowser's connection with any of the victims, a family member said that the suspect was in a relationship with her daughter, who was killed in the shooting.