Portia De Rossi Just Joined 'Scandal'

Are you ready for another season of Scandal? All the cliffhangers and the wrist-chewing and the...licking? You better get ready, because Portia De Rossi just joined Scandal 's cast for Season 4. And apparently it's for a "top secret arc." Hmmmm.

This news was broken by De Rossi's wife Ellen DeGeneres, who tweeted the casting Wednesday morning:

So annoying when people brag on twitter & that's why I'm not tweeting that Portia just signed on to do a top secret arc on Scandal. Oops.

DeGeneres' tweet seems to be all the information anybody in the public has about the role — all other details seem to be firmly under wraps for now. So who on Earth could De Rossi be playing? Why so top secret? Here are my first instincts on who De Rossi might play, some more outlandish than others:

  • The U.S. Secretary of State
  • Olivia Pope's long-lost sister, somehow
  • A third Olivia Pope parent, somehow
  • A new affair for Fitz to prove the dude has literally no control over his emotions or libido
  • A new love interest for Mellie
  • The fixer they hired to replace Olivia after she ran off into the sunset with Jake
  • A senator who is secretly a terrorist

Hey, it's Scandal. Anything could happen.