Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar's Wedding Pics Show a Glimpse of What They Were Like Before Their 19 Kids — PHOTOS

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar certainly aren't everybody's cup of tea. I mean, they've got 19 kids; people with 19 kids are never everybody's cup of tea. But before they were parents, they were just a couple of crazy kids in love. The Duggar family shared photos Michelle and Jim's wedding recently, and not only do they look, well, adorable and so not like parents, Michelle revealed herself to be quite the thrifty DIYstress.

In a blog post, celebrating 30 years of wedded bliss with her husband, Michelle wrote:

Michelle also added that the fare served at the reception was cake, nuts, and punch. A far cry from the over-the-top, gazillion-dollar weddings we've become accustomed to today. Michelle and Jim, as strange as they are to many, are a sweet example of two people who got married simply because they loved each other and wanted to spend their lives together. Awww.

I don't think I ever tried to imagine Michelle or Jim as anything other than parents, but now that I got a glimpse of their pre-children days, I've gotta say: I like them a bit better. Wonder if Michelle's still got the silk flowers in her house?

Image: The Duggar Family/Instagram