'Supercats!' Celebrates Cats in Movies

Tt's no huge surprise that this day has come, but it makes it no less glorious that it is finally here: a supercut of all the cats in movies. The video, called "Supercats!", shows off not only some of your favorite cat characters but some of the best cat moments in movies as well. Sure, there's Mr. Tinkles from Cats and Dogs and the CGI Garfield we'd all like to forget about, but there's also memorable cat scenes from movies like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, La Dolce Vita and Girl, Interrupted. There's also a ton of cat-centric movies you've probably never even heard of: Rhubarb, The Three Lives of Thomasina, The Sick Kitten, I Am a Cat. And of course, there's the ever-present cliche of longhaired white cats as the pets of villains, made popular by the James Bond film You Only Live Twice and spoofed in movies like Austin Power and Inspector Gadget.

The supercut makes the facts evident: sure, dogs are man's best friend. They warm our hearts in movies and we'll be devastated should they ever get hurt on screen. But cats are just so much more cinematic and complex. They can be villains or companions, monsters or heroes. So although this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some of the best cats on film.

Tonto, Harry and Tonto

You know how they say pets start to look like their owners? Well Tonto, like Harry, was also trying to deal with the hardships of old age with vigor and vitality. And the fact that the pair were practically inseparable made it all the more adorable.

Ulysses, Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis is a movie punctuated entirely by its feline presence, Ulysses. The cat constantly eludes the film's titular character. Not only was the movie seriously affected by the cat's presence, but audiences were completely enchanted by the orange cat.

DC, That Darn Cat!

If the title doesn't clue you in, this movie is more or less Home Alone with a cat in Kevin's role. Obviously, the cat is a little scamp — even his name is just Darn Cat, or DC for short. But like Kevin, DC becomes an unlikely hero and helps put a couple good-for-nothing robbers behind bars.

Jones, Alien and Aliens

The above video describes Jonesy as the "unsung hero of the Aliens films," and truer words were never written. Despite not having the advantage of opposable thumbs, Jones, along with Ripley, was the only living thing to survive an encounter with a Xenomorph.

Sassy, Homeward Bound

Being the only cat and the only female in the ragtag trio of Homeward Bound, Sassy certainly lived up to her name. Will people think it's weird that a talking cat was your childhood hero? Yeah, but I showed those middle school kids, so there.

Milo, The Adventures of Milo and Otis

No one will ever know if The Adventures of Milo and Otis is either cinematic bliss or pure garbage because OH MY GOD IT'S A TINY KITTEN AND A PUG PUPPY AND THEY'RE BEST FRIENDS AND NOW I'M CRYING.

Cat, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Another classic cat that reflects its owner: Cat doesn't belong to anybody and nobody belongs to him, much like his friend Holly Golightly.

Bonus: Duffy, A Talking Cat!?!

This is a bonus not only because it doesn't appear in "Supercats!", but because it is both the best and the worst cat on film of all time. All you need to know is that The A.V. Club called it " The Room of anthropomorphic animal movies featuring Eric Roberts," which pretty much sums it up.