Chrissy Teigen's Instagram Snacks Vs. Her 'Snack-Off' Snacks: Which Are More Tempting?

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I won't lie: I can't wait for a whole season of Chrissy Teigen on MTV's Snack-Off . Aside from being a crazy charming super model, Teigen is an unapologetic foodie who will not be shamed. When Forever 21 fired her for being too fat, Teigen didn't change herself. Instead she said bye-bye to the retailer forever and returned to her regularly scheduled program of instagramming her favorite foods. She's also lighting up our television sets: first with a cameo on Inside Amy Schumer and finally with her own aforementioned MTV drunken snack show where contestants seek to create the best drunk eats with the most random ingredients. It's like Sauced come to life. Her hubby John Legend shows up as a celebrity competitor chef in the first episode (you know someone is kicks ass if the being-married-to-John-Legend part is only the fifth or sixth most interesting thing about them).

So given Tiegen's nonstop appreciation for food, how do the drunk eats she's tasked with judging stand up to the stuff she snacks on herself? It isn't an easy decision to make since the Snack-Off contestants pull out some of the most unique (or is it ungodly) combos you've ever seen. So while Teigen's social feed is backlogged with yummy goodness, I can't say the sheer curiosity factor of the TV show's dishes don't make them a shoe-in to win the "most epic snackage" title in spirit. Here, I present the case for both.

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