You'll Never Smell A Scented Marker The Same Way

Throw whatever you think you know about scented marker scent out the window, slam the window shut, lock the window, and never open that window again. (If you think you might be tempted to open the window eventually, move something heavy in front of it. A tall bookcase or a projection TV set should do the trick.) Because whatever "understanding" you have regarding scented marker scent is egregiously incorrect. It’s time to learn the truth. Fire up the very educational Mr. Sketch ad and watch exactly how the scent part of a scented marker is made. It's fart, er, far better than anything any of us could dream up.

The secret: Food toots. FOOD TOOTS. Are you ready for some food toot marker science? There could be a test, so take notes:

Produce produces flatulence. A machine in a marker-making lab collects said flatulence. The machine sends said flatulence through a tube and directly into a marker. The machine sticks a cap on the fart-filled marker. And voilà! A scented marker is born.

I realize that's a lot to digest (womp womp), but yes, those blueberries you're about to eat do in fact pass gas. Crazy, right? I had no idea. Berries: they're just like us!

And yes, when you take a whiff of that delicious-smelling scented purple marker, you’re actually inhaling grape farts. The more you know!

We are forever indebted to Mr. Sketch for letting us in on the scented marker secret:

Image: Mr. Sketch