Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch a Collaboration With Norwegian Retailer Bik Bok

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are collaborating with Bik Bok, a Norweigan retailer on a new fashion line. No, this is not an except from Fashion Mad Libs, although it sure does sound like it. The twins have designed three collections for Fall 2013, inspired by the "Scandinavian It Girl," which could really mean just about anything. I mean, do you know what a Scandinavian It Girl looks like?

“Ashley and I are thrilled with our Fall 2013 Bik Bok collaboration,” Mary Kate said in a press release. “We feel the collection reflects our personal style and will connect with the Scandinavian girl.”

The line is made up of black structural jackets, black leggings, silky blouses, and tailored sweaters. Ah, yes. Classic Scandinavian It Girl. The prices for all the pieces crazy low, starting at 9.95 euros (about $14).

Although the collections are available online, only shoppers in Norway and Sweden are privy to them. Uh. What? Way to repay your home country for years and years of buying your sub-par straight-to-VHS movies. Americans want affordable, Scandinavian girl clothing, too, you know.