Katy Perry's So 1991 in this New Video

The 1980s and the 1990s were really quite the decades, weren't they? No, they were more than that — they were moments in time that many people yearn for once again. Thankfully, for anyone who needs a very nostalgic throwback, Katy Perry's new lyric video for "This Is How We Do" should satiate that desire. It's also quite possibly one of the most visually engaging just-lyric videos you'll see, especially if you're the kind of person who enjoys neon words and pretending that you're at an arcade in 1988 when you're just staring at your computer while lounging in your sweats.

Perry loves nostalgia, though. It's no secret, either, that the singer, who was born in 1984, misses the decades from her formative years. MTV News pointed out — and very astutely so — that Perry's artwork and current Prismatic World Tour are dripping with glitter and '90s shout-outs. But doesn't that make you feel kind of old? That... the '90s... are... retro?

But instead of wasting precious time locating my two gray hairs, I'll instead bask in this jam that celebrates livin' life when you're young because obviously, you're not young forever, and even though I'm hesitant to say "YOLO" here, well, YOLO. And besides, with images that celebrate ideas like this, how could you not want to rejoice with this fun song?

That's right, ladies. This is for those of you takin' your walk of pride in your clothes from last night. (Although I'd like to think that those of us in "last night's sweats" are also included.)

Check out the video below:

Image: KatyPerryVEVO/Youtube