Stacey Dash Spills Her Fave Dionne Fashion Piece

Cher Horowitz might be the first person to come to mind when you think Clueless, but when it came to being bold and fashion-forward, fans have to give props to Stacey Dash's iconic character Dionne. Horowitz was no doubt stylish, but played it a tad more safe than her bestie Dee. From nose piercings to itty bitty crop tops, Dionne's style was revolutionary. While her fellow Bronson Alcott High classmates copied one another (ahem, Amber) or looked to others for fashion makeovers (#weloveyouTai), Dionne set the trends, unafraid to rock even the most absurd, albeit memorable looks. In a recent interview with Elle, Stacey Dash spilled about her favorite Dionne looks, plus all about her Clueless character's fashion legacy and what her favorite part about Dionne's wardrobe was.

"I loved the thigh-highs and the Mary Janes, but, to me, the hats were the icing on the cake. Women don’t wear hats anymore. Women haven’t worn hats since when…? The ‘40s? Those hats became characters unto themselves."

Of course! Hatwear and hair accessories were a huge part of Dionne's image. Even when she's first introduced to us in the movie, she pulls up in an oversized white top hat with glossy black trim, a rosette and a big black bow. And it didn't stop there. Throughout the movie, Dionne made statements wearing bandanas, bucket hats, knitted beanies and headbands. Let's take a look back at some of Dionne's best head pieces, shall we?

This hat was a little reminiscent of Dr. Seuss, but Dionne totally owned it in her ruffled stretchy top.

We all would've been distracted driving if we looked this good in a crocheted beanie.

Besides Aaliyah, there really isn't any other person we can think of who made bandanas look this stylish.

Here's some inspiration for how you should wear your hair to the next wedding you attend: flower clips.

While Stacey Dash is incredibly honored to be associated with her ultra fashionable character, she says she owes it all to Clueless' costume designer Mona May. "To me, she took all the good parts of the ‘80s and put them together in a fantastic, brilliant, and innovative way. I loved that it had not been done — that I’d never seen it before."

Perhaps the only person who's prouder about Dionne being a fashion icon than Stacey Dash is her 11-year-old daughter. Dash told Elle, "She’s finally at that age where she knows what it was. Before she didn’t know what it meant that mommy was in Clueless, now she wears a Clueless T-shirt to every sleepover." Um, anyone else a little jealous of Dash's daughter?