What If Your Mani Could Come To You?

When you live and work in New York City, a polished appearance is of utmost importance, a necessity which new mobile manicure service cityMANI fulfills in a snap. On the tide of businesses like Blo and Vensette which aim to make life a bit easier and significantly more glamorous for the urbanite on-the-go, cityMANI offers manicures to women who find themselves unable to pop out to the salon for a lengthy service in between job demands, social engagements, and family obligations. With overflowing schedules, round-the-clock social engagements and superiors to impress at work, looking well-groomed and maintaining a streamlined work/home balance is difficult in the city that never sleeps, but cityMANI promises it doesn't have to be.

Co-founder Cari DeCoons drew on her own experience as an in-demand businesswoman and mother to create a company which would allow women with similarly packed schedules the indulgence of a manicure without the hassle or time commitment. In a press release regarding the impetus behind cityMANI, DeCoons stated:

Whether you’re a workaholic, socialite or busy mom, finding the time to go to the salon and treat yourself is something that often falls to the bottom of your to-do list. With the click of a button, cityMANI will bring a quality manicure directly to your fingertips.

With a business venture which is so enticing on the surface, one would expect some facet of the nail polish offerings or service to be subpar, but the company in fact aces both details. Whether you crave a bold pop of neon orange on your tips or adore the subtler, trendy sophistication of white varnish, cityMANI has your perfect color from innovative polish brand partner companies like Vinylux. A single manicure runs at a reasonable $34 per session, while parties of two to five people gain a discounted rate of $23 per manicure.

If you're not already sold on cityMani, the company's charitable initiative ManisforCures might be the tipping point, offering personal manicure services to women who are hospitalized or don't have the financial resources to pay for a beauty treatment on their own.

The next time you brush off the notion of affordable luxury, simply schedule an appointment with cityMANI to remind yourself that some of life's best beauty experiences are actually within reach.

Images: Courtesy of cityMANI