Is 'Sister Wives' Robyn Pregnant & 6 More Questions the Tell All Special Should Answer

Possible pregnancy, failing businesses... there have been a lot of ups and downs on this season of TLC's Sister Wives. And after last week's season finale, we were definitely left with more questions than answers. With Meri going back to school and Robyn possibly welcoming another baby with Kody, the family's going through a lot of shakeups, and the Browns' future together has never looked more uncertain. Lucky for us, that's where Sunday's Tell All special comes in.

Unlucky for us? Kody and the wives (with the help of TLC) do a lot of big talk about coming clean with us on a pretty regular basis, but have they ever given their viewers 100 percent honesty? There are a bunch of questions I would love them to answer on the special, but unless something's changed, I'm not holding my breath. Here are just a few.

The Obvious Question: Is Robyn Pregnant?

Of course, we might get an answer to this one, but it’s also possible that they’re going to hold off until next season to keep us guessing. It’s as much of a cliffhanger that a show about a somewhat boring polygamist family can scrounge up, after all. I’m not going to say no to another adorable baby on screen, but I’m not sure I can withstand the pregnancy drama.

Image: TLC

Will Logan Introduce Us To his Girlfriend?

Does he have a girlfriend? Who is she? If he doesn’t, can I be his girlfriend? Inquiring minds need to know.

Image: TLC

Are Any of the Other Teens Dating?

And if they are, please tell me that Kody spared them the “When you kiss, hormones will enter your mouth that will make you sad if you break up” speech. Ugh.

Image: TLC

Is Meri Leaving The Family?

Kody’s first wife has done nothing but talk about how unsatisfied she is with her life (and how she often feels neglected by her husband), and her recent tweets about actions and consequences haven’t been too reassuring. Will we see the first Sister Wives divorce ever? Something tells me that Meri is regretting buying into the whole plural wives philosophy.

Image: TLC

How Much Money Is My Sisterwife's Closet Actually Making?

Being that their jewelry isn’t too appealing — or selling well, either — I have to wonder if they’re actually bringing in a profit. Being that their prices are absolutely ridiculous, I doubt that there are enough hardcore Sister Wives fans who are shelling out $75 for a pendant.

Image: TLC

If It's Not Making Any Money, What Are the Investors Going To Do?

Now that someone outside the family has a huge financial stake in the company, I’m sure the website will get a revamp and we might see a total change in products. Are they going to hire someone who, you know, knows how to design jewelry?

Image: TLC

If Meri Did Leave the Family, Would Someone Else Legally Marry Kody?

If Meri and Kody divorce and she finally gets the freedom it seems that she desperately wants, what are the chances that another wife will step up to take that legal status — and how will they decide who it’ll be? Will Janelle’s seniority play a role, or is it up for anyone to claim? Oh, the drama.

Image: TLC