Is 'Sister Wives' Robyn Pregnant & 6 More Questions the Tell All Special Should Answer

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Possible pregnancy, failing businesses... there have been a lot of ups and downs on this season of TLC's Sister Wives. And after last week's season finale, we were definitely left with more questions than answers. With Meri going back to school and Robyn possibly welcoming another baby with Kody, the family's going through a lot of shakeups, and the Browns' future together has never looked more uncertain. Lucky for us, that's where Sunday's Tell All special comes in.

Unlucky for us? Kody and the wives (with the help of TLC) do a lot of big talk about coming clean with us on a pretty regular basis, but have they ever given their viewers 100 percent honesty? There are a bunch of questions I would love them to answer on the special, but unless something's changed, I'm not holding my breath. Here are just a few.

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