'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Alum Jacqueline Laurita Is Staying Busy Before Her Return to TV

Jacqueline Laurita has made no qualms about why she left The Real Housewives of New Jersey : Too. Much. Drama. But surely she didn't only just start noticing that tables were whizzing past her head all the time. No, Jacqueline has said that she just has too much going on these days to deal with other people's tax filing issues (coincidentally, she's got her own), and wants to focus on more important things. So what are these important things tying her up? And what is this "part-time" gig she keeps referencing on Twitter? My guess: a guest starring role on Fox's hit comedy, New Girl!

(For actual answer, please see second slide.)

Avoiding All Non-Caroline Housewives

Jacqueline has played mostly coy about her specific reasons for leaving RHONJ. Unlike Kathy Wakile, who also dropped out of Season 6 because she had better things to do, Jacqueline will not be returning in a part-time capacity. Not even for the glamorous parties/fights! Fans noticed when Jacqueline and Caroline didn’t show up for Teresa’s father-in-law’s funeral, but the three have openly not been friends for years…perhaps a firm split is for the best.

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Hanging Out with the Manzos (No, the Other Manzos)

Even though Jacqueline won’t be showing up on RHONJ this season, you can definitely expect her popping by to borrow a cup of sugar on Manzo’d with Children. For a while, Jacqueline was just ever so subtly hashtagging everything on Twitter #manzodwithchildren, but she finally announced in July that she will be palling around with Albie and the gang part-time in Fall 2014.

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Nipping and Tucking

Jacqueline was more than open (girl loves her some Twitter) about going under the knife before the 5th Season of Real Houswives for a tummy tuck and neck lift. Since then, she’s continued to keep her Instagram and Twitter followers informed of 2014’s other less invasive procedures, including updates on her tummy tuck scar and Viora Reaction with a new plastic surgeon.

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Selling her House

In January 2014, Jacqueline and her husband, Chris, put their $2.85 million Franklin Lakes home on the market. After Chris’ company filed for bankruptcy in 2009 while allegedly using millions for frivolous personal spending, and then failing to pay a hefty chunk of taxes in 2013, many were speculating the Lauritas are moving due to money problems. They almost lost the house to foreclosure in 2013, but their listing agent told nj.com, “They’re just looking for a change.”

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Dealing with (More) Daughter Drama

While Jacqueline was on RHONJ, her daughter Ashlee was never one to let her mom sit comfortably drinking a white wine spritzer while not having to worry about what she was up to. And it seems that time has made no difference. Ashlee was recently featured in a controversial music video by Pink Grenade, featuring billionaire heiress singer/rapper Bim Fernandez, released exclusively to RadarOnline. The song is called “Lipstick” and features lyrics such as, “I know you want my lipstick on your dipstick,” and an oddly pointed and vocal attack on Kim Kardashian: “‘cause Kim Kardashian, she has little money next to Bim’s big money…so yeah, f-ck you, Kim Kardashian.”

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...And Some Good News

Jacqueline was very open about sharing her family’s struggle with her youngest son Nick’s autism and has continued to share her story of raising a child with autism on Twitter and in interviews, including some recent exciting developments. Jacqueline told InTouch that she and Chris have been experimenting with new forms of therapy, such as playing together with Legos through a Lego rental company like Netflix called Pleygo, that is partnered with Generations Rescue, an autism non-profit. Jacqueline told her Twitter followers in January that she watched Nick eat a full piece of chicken with a fork for the first time since his regression: “YAY for using utensils!”

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