Fantastic News for 'FNL' Fans

There is a lot of uplifting Friday Night Lights news today. First of all, Zach Gilford's wedding photos were just released, and they're gorgeous. Matt Saracen has exquisite taste, y'all — 7 really turned it out for his big day. The only thing wrong with Gilford's wedding was that Julie Taylor wasn't the bride, but speaking of Matt and Julie's incomplete destiny, there's news on that front, too. Connie Britton told Ladies' Home Journal that she has a Friday Night Lights movie script in her possession. In her possession! It's all happening.

She told the magazine: "I have the script for a potential movie spin-off of FNL. I think it’s just a matter of finding a time when everyone can do it."

"Finding" a time? When it comes to the movie that we've all been waiting for since we sat sobbing, sweating, on our microfiber couches watching in disbelief as Season 5 came to an end, you don't "find time", you make time. You get Kyle Chandler on the phone and you tell him to stop taking small roles as government officials in Oscar-worthy movies (remember him in both Argo and Zero Dark Thirty?) and you tell him to get out his whistle and his fucking cleats, because it's go time.

The news of the script is especially inspiriting because it shows progress. Last year, director Peter Berg revealed the that movie script was very close to being done, and now that it is, production can't be too far off, can it?

If it's in Connie's hands, literally, we feel pretty good about it.