Finding Your Nearest Green Juice Just Got Easier

If you’re into the whole juicing thing, you’ll love this: There’s an app out there just for you. It’s called Green Hopping, and it makes finding the nearest juice shop as easy as tapping your phone screen. Get ready to down as many green concoctions as your little health-loving heart desires.

Green Hopping first came into existence in 2013 after founder Catherine Cuello went through a major health scare resulting in the removal of her left ovary. She started juicing during her recovery to boost her immune system. She soon found, though, that hunting down the nearest juice shop in most cities was no small feat; so, along with her fiancé, Alfred Fuente, she created the app to do all the hard work for her fellow juice lovers. You can even sort results by certain perameters—bottled organic, organic pressed, raw food, gluten free, and so on. Right now, it only covers 14 cities in the U.S. — among them New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago — but the plan eventually is to go nationwide.

Eating well changed the world as I knew it, and I want this to be the same for everyone regardless of age, price, or demographic,” Cuello recently told “We hope to influence price points in certain neighborhoods and make green eating more accessible to all with our app.” But don’t worry if you’re not a health nut; everyone can reap the benefits of the app. “The app’s purpose is to raise awareness — health is accessible and essential,” she said to Wall Street Insanity. “Green Hopping’s mission is to let people know that it’s possible to have a clean diet, not filled with artificial flavorings, pesticides, or preservatives.”

Although juice sounds great and all, Bustle Senior Lifestyle Editor Julie Alvin and I are in agreement that an app that finds the nearest ice cream truck would be greatly appreciated. Maybe that’s just us, though; I suppose you could make the argument that the constant strains of the Mr. Softie jingle drifting through the air get the job done. In the meantime, Green Hopping is free to download in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store right now; according to Refinery29, the app will cost 99 cents once it hits 250 downloads, but that’s a small price to pay for a juice-finding miracle. Yum!

Images: Maridav/Fotolia; Green Hopping/iTunes